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How do you identify whether a Bot product allows you to design a custom persona that reflects your company’s voice?  Can you distinguish between tools that simply convert your shift data entry to instant messaging channels and those that converse naturally with candidates and interpret the conversation meaningfully?  What do you look for to tell if your Bot system will learn and grow in capability over time?

Bot technologies are quickly becoming an essential part of the candidate and hiring team experience.  Utilizing a high-quality Bot makes a massive difference in candidate throughput at the top of the funnel and can be a determining factor in the quality of talent your company attracts into the process.  A good buying decision helps you reach your audience across channels and fast-track your hiring process.

The Bot Buyer’s Guide covers what you need to look for in a Bot solution to personalize the experience, engage with candidates, assist with the recruiting process, track activity and monitor interactions for tactical and strategic advantage.  Use this Buyer’s Guide to help you outline requirements, query providers and hold your chosen provider to a standard of excellence.

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