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Do you know how to recognize flexibility in referral incentive management features?  Does your Referral Tools supply you the controls you need to manage transparency to candidates and referrers throughout your process?  How do you verify that a given product can evaluate your reward eligibility criteria automatically?

Referral Tools engage your employees, alumni and other network resources to increase your reach into talent pools that you may not otherwise be aware of or able to reach, resulting in a reduced time to hire and a significant cost savings.  Supplying your referrer population with tools, credit and rewards improves employee satisfaction as well as feeding your talent pipelines.

The Referral Tools Buyer’s Guide informs you about the specifics of what you want in a product to help you set up your referral program, promote it to referrers to maximize engagement, refer candidates with appropriate data capture and credit attribution, and reward referrers to incentivize continued participation in the program. Use this Buyer’s Guide to help you outline requirements, query providers and hold your chosen provider to a standard of excellence.

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