How CHROs Are Leveraging TTL Research to Help Their TA Team


Empower Your Team with the Latest
Insights into TA Tech and Trends

For recruitment and talent acquisition teams to be ahead of the competition, they have knowledge of the most recent TA trends and understand the TA tech space. It can be a time-consuming effort to keep pace with the TA tech industry. TTL makes this easier for your team.

Understand TA Technology
and Drive Productivity Across
Your Recruitment Teams

Enhance Your TA Teams’ Performance By Keeping them in the Know

By keeping aware and up-to-date on talent acquisition technology trends, your team will be able to perform better. TTL’s research and advisory firm specializes in the relevant talent acquisition trends and technology and offers research that can help improve candidate experience.

Cut through the Vendor Noise and Ensure Your Teams’ Efficiency

The selection of TA technology is an exhaustive process that can throw an unnecessary wrench into your team’s productivity. TTL’s research and advisory firm is specifically created to clear the noisy TA technology landscape, so your team can focus on what they do best and leave the grunt work to TTL.

Access the Support of TTL Analysts

TTL analysts are an extension of your TA team when it comes to investigating and selecting TA technology. Get immediate answers for your upcoming and leverage our analysts as a sounding board before making a purchasing decision.