Our Team

The Talent Tech Labs team are entrepreneurs, business leaders, thinkers, and doers. Our inventive work has created a reputation in the space; our continued dedication to the Talent Acquisition space keeps us cemented there.


Once upon a time, Talent Tech Labs was a startup too. If it weren’t for our dedicated and determined founders, mentors, and staff featuring a talent acquisition specialist, we wouldn’t be here today to help you. We know what it’s like to be a small business, and they know how to help you avoid the same hardships they went through.

Our Founders

Ready for Talent Acquisition innovation? These are the smart entrepreneurs making it happen. Our founders must vet, research and prove the efficacy of their tools under the industry’s closest scrutiny. Only the best survive.

What We Do

At Talent Tech Labs, we push Talent Acquisition Technology forward. It’s that simple. From working directly with startup founders either virtually, or in our Midtown, NYC office, to promoting research into the latest trends in Talent; we’re wherever interesting things are happening in the ecosystem. You may recognize our work in the companies we’ve helped grow to scale, our vast practitioner and mentor network, or by the research we continually create and refine in the field of Talent Acquisition.


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  • Research
  • TA Ecosystem
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  • Prototype Assistance

Office Space

  • Manhattan Office
  • Support Staff
  • Focused Coaching
Our Users

Industry experts are the lifeblood of the Talent Acquisition space. There is no better way to learn if a new sourcing platform or candidate assessment will work than to put it in the hands of people who use them day in and day out.

Our Mentors

Not just anyone can become a Talent Tech Labs mentor. We select those with an industry reputation for transparent dedication and practitioner experience. Learn from the best in the Talent Acquisition space.

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Our Space

Our space is built for sharing. Located in the heart of Manhattan, we’ve created a haven for entrepreneurs, founders, and consultants alike. It is truly a lab setting where the best in Talent Acquisition tools are created.

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