Gain In-depth Support When Buying
Talent Acquisition Technology

The road to successfully implementing TA technology can be a long, arduous journey. Great support during this journey can make it easier. That’s why we created Compatibility Maps.

How You Benefit
from TTL’s
Compatibility Maps

TTL’s Compatibility Maps are a series of reports that provide in-depth support during the selection and buying process of talent acquisition technology.

These Compatibility Maps Offer:

An understanding of the key elements needed to navigate a successful RFP and implementation

TTL’s best practices on the optimization of TA tech and expert knowledge from technical teams that help manage the implementation process

When to Leverage TTL’s Compatibility Maps

TTL’s Research reports are broken down by stage and sub-vertical.
Our Compatibility Maps are part of the optimization stage.

Optimization Stage

Select and implement your technology roadmap

These reports are designed to help you:


Understand best practices and common pitfalls when it comes to optimization and management of specific talent acquisition tools and solutions


Validate or assuage your concerns so you can confidently make a purchase or move in a different direction


Start thinking about and planning for new technology that will need to be purchased further down the road