Talent Tech Lab’s Response to the Pandemic

We’re still here. Our team is staying away from each other and practicing self-isolation at this time, but that doesn’t mean our work has stopped. The good thing is our business was built for this new virtual world. Given the economic circumstances however, we have redirected our research agenda to focus on the most pressing issues of today and the near-term future as they relate to Talent Aquisition Technology.

Our researchers are hard at work preparing two new pieces of research that we plan to release in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for our How to Recruit Remotely and Remote Work Management downloadable resources in the next upcoming weeks. You will be able to download them in the research library.

We’re sharing both of these pieces publicly, even though we typically only share our research insights with members.

In addition we are launching a trend report and creating a brand new offering called workgroups, with the first focused on COVID-19.

We plan to update this letter with links to the resources as they become available so check back soon.

In the mean time be safe and stay healthy!

-The Talent Tech Labs Team