The Difference

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Talent Tech Labs (TTL) engages in investigation, research, validation, and acceleration of talent acquisition technology by fostering and connecting early stage companies with forward thinkers in the industry so that we can help you make a difference.

TTL Quick Facts


Backed by Giants

Mercer, Allegis Group, and Mitchell Martin all support our Talent Acquisition focus.


Buyers Unite

Our community boasts thousands of experts focused on Talent Acquisition Technology ranging from executive level to the desk.


Face to Face

Coworking makes us different. We’re not just vetting the technology, we’re involved with the people behind it.

We Stand by Your Side

Entrepreneurship is often associated with high levels of risk. At Talent Tech Labs, we like to think of it as strategic risk. We mitigate risk in a dynamic, organized fashion to keep your startup balanced and well on its way to stable, scalable growth. Our mentor network is full of experienced startup owners who’ve walked in your shoes and have endless use cases to be applied.

Our mentors work diligently with our startups to ensure goals and objectives are met, not skimmed. We use vetted research, trusted users, and tested mentors to make sure you’re ready for the dynamic world of Talent Acquisition Technology!

We Dig Deeper

Your success is our reputation. We rigorously vet new products; our knowledge of the competitive landscape is second to none. We pride ourselves in knowing all the players. We expose you to all we know. Working with TTL is an immersive experience where startups are cultivated from the ground up through an extensive partnership network. We provide support, research, and space to grow new ideas designed to tackle the unique challenges present in the Talent Acquisition space.

We Show You The Way

We introduce our startup founders to high-level Talent Acquisition software buyers to ensure product market fit for startups in the space. Not only do our Talent Acquisition consultants introduce startup tech to intended users in this community, they provide direct consultation to these buyers which builds our founders’ customer base and gives our user community access to the innovative technology their companies need. It’s a win-win for all involved, and Talent Tech Labs makes it happen.

We Fill the Gaps

Aside from generating new relationships between talent acquisition software and its users, we provide startups with the resources they need to earn funding and grow their market share. Our mentors work with founders to achieve realistic outcomes, and they aim to capture the attention of investors to sustain a healthy venture capital partnership.

Ready to Join the Talent Acquisition Movement?