Foster a Diverse Workforce

Renewed Vigor Around
D&I Technology

With recent events, diversity and inclusion has become a very important strategic priority for companies around the world. Employers are leveraging the power of diversity hiring tools to enhance the diversity of their organizations.

Improving Diverse

Many firms consider improving the diversity of their workforce so essential that they report on their progress or (lack thereof) in hitting their Diversity hiring targets on an annual basis. In our research, we provide a Diversity Hiring Maturity Model-a framework that you can use to benchmark your firm’s progress. Our TTL Playbook provides a strategic roadmap to move your organization forward.

Ways to Leverage
Tech to Move Your
Organization Forward

When trying to enhance diversity it is important to know how to best harness technology in the hiring process. Our research outlines the areas in the hiring process that technology can improve, provides vendor examples, best practices, and considerations to ensure success.

Create Diversity:
Across All Stages of Your Hiring Process

In our research on Diversity Hiring, we highlight ways that employers can use technology throughout all stages of their hiring process to improve the diversity of their organizations.

Collaborate on Best Practices for Diversity Hiring Strategies

Significant organization change is essential to creating a diversity hiring strategy that drives quantifiable results. Perhaps a deeper insight is that an organization needs to do “what’s right” correctly, which can be difficult to navigate. TTL’s Diversity Workgroups offer virtual collaboration for like-minded leaders to share their experiences with D&I technology and thoughts on diversity hiring strategies.

There’s No Magic
Bullet to Solve a
Firm’s Diversity

There’s no one turnkey solution that can fix a firm’s diversity challenges. Technology is just one part of the equation in a successful diversity and inclusion program. Our research provides case studies of companies that are doing diversity hiring well.

Uncover the D&I
Technology Landscape

There are no easy or quick fixes to diversity. Organizations must deploy effective processes and technologies that enhance diversity over time. Our TTL Analysts share the landscape of diversity technology and show our members what tools can fit into their unique diversity tech stack.