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You’ve guilded your brain child talent acquisition solution into an exciting new startup business. You’ve launched your initial product idea and now you’re trying to get customers. Now you need to find your product market fit, so you’re looking for active buyers, beta testers, and introductions to investors. Maybe you have a sales strategy, but you need a pipeline and a sales funnel to convert leads into paying clients. You have some revenue coming in, you’re not yet cash-flow positive. If this sounds like you, we’ve got you covered.

Talent Tech Labs is an unmatched opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs to obtain the resources needed to build a successful startup company. We offer incubation for companies on-site as residents in our lab, or we’ll enroll remote companies if they have legs. Our six-month rolling admission program guides you through product market fit validation and on the way to gaining scale. We bring our network of mentors and our market intelligence all to bear on accelerating your progress. In exchange, we get a 6% equity stake.

If you’re not ready for incubation—or only looking for an office surrounded by smart motivated innovators—we welcome startup companies within the HR tech space to check out TTL’s coworking opportunities.

Access to Capital

Startup investments are on the rise. In 2015, over $58 billion was invested in startups. With the right assistance, funding becomes simple—and it starts with a good pitch. One of the essential functions we perform is assistance with pitch preparation. An impressive pitch determines if, and how soon your startup can secure the amount of funding it needs.

Talent Tech Labs provides introductions to vetted sources of capital, ensuring any funding our Talent Acquisition startups receive are both trustworthy and secure. Talent Tech Labs taps an extensive network of angel investors, venture capital firms, and strategic investors who are actively looking to invest in Talent Acquisition Technology startups.

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Mentoring & Coaching

We want to avoid mistakes at all cost. Mistakes cost both money and time—precious resources for any startup. The truth is 30% of small businesses don’t survive past 24 months—but don’t be disheartened, there’s help. 70% of small businesses with experienced mentors last more than 5 years.

With Talent Tech Labs, your startup will have access to our wide and diverse network of mentors. Mentors include not only experienced startup founders, but also senior HR executives, talented users and analysts, trusted academics, and other thought leaders. Whatever questions you might have, our mentors have answers.

User Community

Who knows what direction your startup should take better than potential users? You don’t have to jump in without knowing what your customers want—Talent Tech Labs has a huge and diverse community of industry experts. Our resources ensure you are introduced to qualified users who can provide the extensive, real-world feedback your startup needs to be successful.

Along with great feedback, our Talent Acquisition consultants align founders with intended buyers in our user community to build your customer base from the ground up. As your platform evolves, you’ll gain trust and brand loyalty, which is invaluable for a new startup.

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Office Space & Perks

Think better when you’re outside? We have both indoor and outdoor lounges to make sure that you have the best space to think in. Conference room access, high-speed internet, a stocked fridge and wireless printing for days. If you need to write everything down, we also have tons of white-board walls! You didn’t limit your creativity when you started your small business, and we wouldn’t want you to contain it now.

We give companies access to insider rates on professional services, plus employee perks and retail discounts. Some of our perks include:

  • Amazon Web Services – $5000 in credits
  • Paychex Payroll Processing – One Month Free
  • Foundersuite Legal Assistance – Two Months Free
  • Facebook Ads Management – One Month Free & 30% Off AdEspresso Plans
  • GoToMeeting – One Month Free & 10% Off Plan
  • Wyndham Hotels – 20% off Published Rates

Market Intelligence

As experts in all things Talent Acquisition, our consultants are continuously digesting, creating, and refining industry research to help our community of founders, mentors, investors, and buyers make smarter decisions in the field.

We keep a pulse on the Talent Acquisition software ecosystem by mapping emerging and shifting vendors in the space as well as providing analyses through trends reports on what these changes in the ecosystem mean for the industry. Our findings are communicated through a variety of formats to bring our community the most well-researched and up-to-date information on the market.


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