Engage Your Workforce

Transforming Employee Engagement, One Step at a Time

Employee engagement affects many aspects of your organization. More engaged teams have higher productivity levels and show lower levels of burnout, which ultimately impacts your overall ability to retain employees. Our team focuses on helping you identify the right technology strategy to support improving employee engagement overall while setting yourself up for future success.

Rewards & Recognition Can Help Enhance Engagement, but How?

A tried and tested method proven to help increase engagement and productivity levels in your workplace, rewards and recognition are the cornerstones of a solid employee engagement strategy. Each organization has its own approach to recognition, but creating your custom strategy can be a challenge when the marketplace is cluttered with solutions and tools. It’s likely your team doesn’t have the time or resources it takes to research and select a platform, but there’s no need to do the work yourself. By partnering with Talent Tech Labs, you get access to our entire suite of research as well as analyst expertise, meaning you can choose from a shortlist of solutions and focus on what matters most — keeping your employees engaged and motivated.

Job Seekers are Demanding Different Benefits

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a change in the benefits employees desire and employers offer. With the increase in flexible work situations, job seekers are demanding more power over their schedules and a stronger work-life balance. At Talent Tech Labs, we’ve taken the time to study the current trends and forecast the future landscape as it relates to workplace benefits. By partnering with us, you’ll have access to these expert insights to reshape how you approach employee benefits, so your tactics work as a long-lasting strategy.

Are You Providing the
Feedback Your Team Craves?

Studies show that organizations that offer timely, consistent feedback see higher rates of engagement and productivity among their teams. But when your team is working remotely, it can be difficult to evaluate their work and offer the kinds of insights they need to improve their processes. Talent Tech Labs knows just how critical constructive feedback is to the continued success of organizations. That’s why we’ve taken the time to research the marketplace and tour existing and emerging solutions aimed at helping you generate timely, impactful assessments. When you become a member, you’ll get instant access to our extensive research library, so you can be sure you’re making a smart, informed decision.

An Interactive Report Focused on Talent Management

Talent Tech Labs’ experts do the heavy lifting with intensive research into the marketplace, evaluating hundreds of vendors to find the top talent technology available for every need. Our interactive report and infographic provide insight into the most innovative existing and emerging solutions, so your organization can stay ahead of the curve and ensure talent success now and in the future.

Onboarding is Crucial, but Many Companies Don’t Consider It

Transforming engagement isn’t only for your retained talent. It starts well before your employees even walk in the door. A strong onboarding program leads to more productive workers and increases the likelihood of your talent sticking around longer. Today’s new onboarding tools improve the onboarding experience by connecting new hires to the information and insights they need before day one. For the latest insights into these tools, be sure to chat with our team of experts.

The Need for Social Interactions Amid a Flexible Workplace

Employees want flexible work schedules that embrace some form of remote work. But, there is still a lingering need for social interaction throughout the workday. The water cooler might be gone, but that doesn’t mean those breaks built into the day need to disappear too. With the right social platforms and interactive tools, employers can create space for their teams to collaborate and talk with one another, reducing the feelings of isolation and loneliness. TTL has the knowledge you need on which tools can work for your workplace.