Find the
Best Talent

Find the Best Talent in
a Sea of Candidates

We are now facing a surplus amount of applicants and recruiting teams are being inundated constantly with applications. Locating the right talent is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Talent Acquisition technology, particularly matching technology, can help you find the best-fit talent.

The Great Business Problem of Selecting the Wrong Talent for the Job

Not only is there the issue of finding talent, there is also the problem of ensuring that talent is ideal for that specific position. Over 70% of talent are placed in the wrong job. This statistic alone makes the case that candidate matching must be tied to performance indicators for real success.

A Comprehensive Outlook
on Matching Technology

Artificial intelligence is permeating all areas of business and we’re starting to see its influence in talent acquisition by improving speed, efficiency, and data processing. Learn how AI is changing the future of matching technology.

Moving Beyond Traditional Recruitment Tools

With cultural fit being imperative to successful hires, elements of behavior and personal values cannot be overlooked. Unfortunately, traditional tools focus too much on fitting the complex makeup of a person to rigid definitions of personality. You need more sophisticated recruitment tools to provide a more comprehensive and nuanced picture of talent.

Success-Based Matching Helps You Uncover the Right Talent

Success-Based Matching helps leaders understand what makes someone right for a particular role. This method of Success-Based Matching uses real, objective data from organizations to first define success for each particular role in an organization and then matches potential candidates against that model in a repeatable, scalable way.

Leverage the Best Matching Technologies for Your Unique Business Needs

Robust Matching Technology in today’s landscape must be able to comprehend a candidate’s intent. Most TA Tech has been built with the actions in mind, but to be successful in matching TA Tech must focus on the intention. Talent Tech Labs research and advisory has deep expertise in emerging TA tech and uncovers what is working and not working in the technology landscape.