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HOW TTL Helps Healthcare Organizations


Struggles of Employee Retention & Turnover in the Healthcare Industry

The current state of healthcare staffing is known for its low retention rate, with the long hours, limited training time, and lack of upward mobility. Leading healthcare organizations are attempting to change this dire status quo.


Unraveling the Pernicious Cycle of Healthcare Turnover

Healthcare industry leaders are adopting robust recruitment strategies and technology to mitigate turnover. TTL’s research helps these leaders uncover the right technological solutions they need and craft effective hiring strategies with confidence.

Resolve Your Healthcare Recruiting and HR Challenges with TTL’s Help



Leverage AI to Find the Best Candidates for the Role

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are being used to solve time-to-fill positions effectively. AI tools can pinpoint qualified candidates in a large candidate pool within a matter of seconds, filling positions quickly under a tight deadline.

TTL’s research dispels the myths and misconceptions around AI and shows how to identify AI-first recruiting systems.




Automated Interviewing to Enhance Efficiency in the Healthcare Recruiting Process

Healthcare has been notorious for long-winded interviews. With the need to fill roles quickly, there isn’t time for a lengthy process. With automated interviews, screenings can be instantly scheduled and interviews can consist of predetermined questions with video recordings on a cloud-based application.

It is nearly impossible to keep apprised of all the latest automated interviewing technology and recruitment tools at large. TTL’s research and advisory team makes the daunting task of staying ahead of the talent acquisition technology space possible.




Find the Best-in-Breed Talent Acquisition to Handle the Surplus of Applicants

Next year there will be over 11,000 new college grads entering the healthcare field. To manage the high amount of applicants, healthcare organizations must have an adequate talent acquisition technology stack.

Talent Tech Labs helps the healthcare industry clear the noise of the overwhelming talent acquisition technology space. Our research and advisory team allows you to identify the right vendors that will create an industry-leading TA and recruitment technology stack.


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