How to Hire
Talent Remotely

The New Normal of Remote Hire

It can take years to successfully create and implement a remote workforce. The COVID-19 global pandemic has coerced companies to adjust abruptly to a remote work model. In the current environment, companies must navigate and solve remote work challenges now to survive the “new normal”.

Leverage TA Tech to Hire Remotely

With a virtual environment, talent acquisition (TA) and recruiting functions operate in a distributed manner. A distributed, recruiting model comes with its unique set of obstacles. Employers can leverage technology to solve these business problems in remote hiring and drive productivity.


In TTL’s Playbook on Hiring Remotely, we help TA leaders focus on solutions that promote continuity in a remote working model.

Solutions for TA Leaders that Improve Remote Hiring

A single technology solution will not solve all your remote hiring challenges. That’s why it is necessary to gain a holistic understanding of the entire talent acquisition ecosystem. Our TTL research provides a deep dive into specific technology verticals and their position in the TA landscape, vendor examples, best practices, and considerations for success.

A New Recruiting Paradigm For
TA Organizations

As the remote and virtual practices permeate throughout the organization, the TA function must rethink how work gets done in the context of recruitment. The new rules in remote hiring mandate that employers place their digital branding at the forefront of their marketing strategy. The TTL Playbook shows how the remote model has led to the use of specific types of technology to adjust to this new paradigm.

Hear Success Stories of Transferring to a Remote Workforce

The shift to remote work has implications for how workers are sourced and managed. If you have not adopted the tools and technology to manage a remote workforce, you must do so now. TTL’s Trends Report provides a case study on how The Plan Group created a virtual workforce and achieved a healthy culture.