Bullhorn Acquires Herefish

Today we’re pleased to announce that Herefish is joining forces with Bullhorn and has been acquired. Bullhorn has always been a great advocate of Herefish and we think of this as the next evolution in an already great partnership.

By joining the Bullhorn family our entire roadmap will accelerate, including the introduction of AI and machine learning on top of our automation foundation.

Of course, none of the success and growth Herefish has enjoyed would have been possible without our customers. We’ve been customer-centric from the beginning and loved every minute of learning and working to solve our client’s problems.

Over the years our customers have graciously offered their time and allowed us to share many of their ideas with the larger Herefish customer base.

This close attention to solving our customers’ challenges, has led to nearly 100 use-cases that firms can easily apply to their business through the Herefish platform.