Instant Teams Announces $1.5M Raise to Scale Remote Work Platform

Today, Instant Teams, a remote workforce supplier and management platform announced a $1.5M round of financing led by Squadra Ventures. The investment aims at funding the continued expansion of the Instant Teams supplied remote team members consolidate customer success, marketing, technology, and administrative functions and for further development of its proprietary remote workforce management platform.

“With the ability to rapidly spin up teams of pre-vetted, skilled professionals on-demand and integrate them into a customer team, Instant Teams has raised the bar for what executives should expect from their outsourced solutions,” said Guy Filippelli,  Managing Partner, Squadra Ventures. “What Liza and Erica have accomplished over the last three years has radically changed the access to and availability of professional opportunities for the 24% of active-duty military spouses who are unemployed. This is the kind of impact that changes lives, and we are all in.”

Liza Rodewald, CEO and Erica McMannes, COO, while stationed in Virginia and as military spouses and entrepreneurs respectively, saw the potential of the under-utilized and underemployed community around them. They sensed that spouses were waiting to be activated. With over 125% year over year growth since 2017, Instant Teams is set to transform how business leaders find and manage remote talent.

“Last year our remote team members contributed 40,000 hours of work to over 40 customers. We worked with massive corporations needing heightened support on two-week timelines to medium-sized businesses needing ongoing customer success resources,” said Rodewald. “Today we have 8000 Instant Teams certified remote team members ready for roles. For us, that’s what’s driving the future of work.”

Arti, the remote workforce management platform of Instant Teams, helps the hiring managers and executives with defining the required talent needs and timelines and matches pre-qualified, native English speaking team members to the project. With Arti, Instant Teams work with companies to efficiently define their hiring requirements, instantly source top candidates from a unique military-connected workforce, quickly and easily onboard, manage, and retain flexible teams.

With the market expansion and product development, Instant Teams will use the investment to bring their technology team in-house, add new executive leadership, and scale their sales outreach process. Squadra Ventures’ Filippelli will join the board of the Instant Teams.