Uber Expands its Uber Works Temp Labor Hire Service to Miami

Uber Technologies Inc. is expanding its Uber Works temporary labor hire service to Miami, Florida, after launching the service in Chicago in October.

The on-demand labor hiring app matches people looking for shift work with companies that need temporary employees. Designed to provide “more clarity” in the temp hiring market, Uber Works allows workers to see all relevant and available shifts in one place including detailed information about shifts workers may be interested in, including information about gross pay, work location, skills and required attire.

The service, while primarily focused on workers at traditional staffing agencies, is not only expanding into Miami but also for the first time recruiting for the service from the company’s existing pool of drivers.

New York Stock Exchange-listed TrueBlue Inc., the same company that supports Uber Works in Chicago, is on board for the Miami expansion, employing, paying and handling worker benefits. As with Chicago, Uber will also be providing support for worker training services that support “skill up-leveling and promote work re-entry.”

“Uber sees a great potential in driving more reliability for businesses that have a need to fill available shifts, which is why we have taken a partnership approach,” Uber Works Chief Executive Officer Andrey Liscovich said in a statement. “We will be working with local organizations, such as the YWCA Greater Miami-Dade, to help support access to work for people all across South Florida communities.”