Workforce Logiq Acquires ENGAGE Talent

Workforce Logiq, a global provider of workforce management software and services to large corporations, announced it has acquired the predictive analytics and AI software company ENGAGE Talent.

ENGAGE, based in Charleston, South Carolina, provides major businesses with various analytic services that improve talent acquisition and engagement performance. Both Workforce Logiq (which is owned by The Carlyle Group) and ENGAGE Talent (founded in 2014) are privately held companies, and the terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The acquisition marks further momentum of Workforce Logiq’s strategic transformation, under the leadership of Jim Burke, who joined the company as CEO in 2018. The founder and CEO of ENGAGE Talent, Joseph Hanna, will assume the roles of Workforce Logiq’s chief strategy officer (CSO) and the managing director of ENGAGE Talent.

Having a CSO with data analytics chops as a member of the executive team will definitely be a bonus as Workforce Logiq continues to navigate the rapidly evolving contingent workforce landscape, driven by changing customer demands and advanced technology.