Talent Tech Labs NEXT


April 8-10 San Diego, CA

TTL Next West Goes Inside ASU GSV

GSV (Global Silicon Valley) is a portfolio of connected businesses united by an obsession with finding, investing in, and partnering with the most dynamic growth companies in the world. Having spent the last 20+ years focused on the education and HR technology sectors, GSV possesses unmatched domain expertise and extensive, senior-level relationships. Their venture fund, GSV AcceleraTE, is an early-stage fund that backs innovative talent technology entrepreneurs working to give all people access to the future.

Talent Tech Labs investigates, researches, validates and accelerates Talent Acquisition Technologies, so companies can deploy the best talent acquisition software to build better workforces. In a world of analysts, marketers, vendors, and practitioners, TTL cuts through the noise and provides honest, unbiased insights on the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem of today.

A mutual desire to bring clarity and innovation to the Talent Acquisition Technology space lead to TTL NEXT West being hosted by ASU GSV.

Arizona State University + Global Silicon Valley

ASU GSV is the world’s leading education and workforce summit elevating communication and collaboration by promoting action around raising learning and career outcomes through scaled innovation. This year’s summit is scheduled for April 8-10 in San Diego, California. Over 4,500 leaders are expected to attend, including CEOs, investors, TA executives, schools and university leaders, enterprise learning leaders, politicians, foundation leaders, and policymakers.

What is Talent Tech Next?

Created exclusively for Talent Acquisition leaders, Talent Tech NEXT delivers insightful market intelligence and carefully curated companies who demo without the sales hype.

Never a sales pitch. You will discover—and interact directly with—leading edge, fully-vetted technologies that are ready to be implemented directly into your recruiting stack. Additionally, you will learn about top trends and real use-case implementation strategies directly from industry practitioners who are actual agents of change and experts within the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem.

We promote a highly interactive experience for participants. Talent Tech Next drives engagement by providing you access to our proprietary investment platform NEXTmessage.

NEXTmessage is a startup funding and engagement app. Attendees can use this unique app to spend their $100,000 in NEXTbucks – a “cryptocurrency” that is used to fund the participating companies in a friendly competition. Participants are encouraged to play the role of investor and “fund” the specific companies they would want to include in their own Talent Acquisition strategy. In the end, we achieve high levels of engagement, real knowledge sharing and great feedback for innovators to tune their solutions to real business challenges.

TTL Members get FREE admission. Members have unique access to two special executive briefings, a proactive workshop, breakfast, lunch, and dinner with some of the keynote personalities.

What you get out of attending Talent Tech Next

Immerse Yourself in the Digital Transformation around TA.

  • Hands-on interaction and education will allow your organization to leverage the innovative technologies that are changing and accelerating Talent Acquisition across the source to hire process.

Elevate Yourself As a Forward-Thinker.

  • Engage in presentations with industry leaders who will challenge you to rethink how you select and integrate your recruitment technologies—and help you empower your team for success.

Network with Industry Innovators

  • TTL NEXT West will convene some of the industry’s most important players in the Talent Technology space. Learn alongside the top industry executives, forward-thinking investors, and cutting-edge founders.

Talent Tech Labs Experts

Brian has been a leading force in driving innovation through his career in operating roles in industry. After serving as Chief Operating Officer at both large public and privately held staffing and project engineering firms he has amassed a wealth of insight into effectively applying innovation. At Talent Tech Labs, Brian and the TTL team have been identifying and then assisting emerging companies with breakthrough ideas to gain commercialization and scale. Brian has guided Talent Tech Labs to being not only a unique accelerator but has elevated it to be the leading authority on emerging technology addressing Talent Acquisition.
Jonathan Kestenbaum is the Managing Director of Talent Tech Labs. He is a lawyer by education, and an entrepreneur and investor by trade. Jonathan is passionate about being on the cutting edge of innovation and capitalizing on industry trends. He currently spends his days managing TTL’s innovation lab and advising the recruitment technology companies of tomorrow. Jonathan can be found at HR technology conferences all over the country as a sought-after speaker and panelist sharing deep insights into the evolution of the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem.
Rory O'Doherty manages startup portfolio operations at Talent Tech Labs. He is on the frontline of cutting-edge technology, persistently advising new technology providers on how best to bring their product to market. Rory is passionate about helping people bring their ideas to life and making a lasting impact on the world Talent Acquisition Technology. With a background in Economics and Finance, Rory is adept at all things TA Tech related ranging from funding strategies and term sheets to the intricacies of machine learning models in Talent Acquisition.

GSV Talent Acquisition Speakers

Reed Hastings
Laszlo Bock
Tamar Elkeles
Neil Frye
Sue Olson
Kelly Palmer

Reed Hastings

Reed Hastings co-founded Netflix in 1997. In 1991, Reed founded Pure Software, which made tools for software developers. Reed is an active educational philanthropist and served on the California State Board of Education from 2000 to 2004.

Laszlo Bock

Laszlo is an advisor and best-selling author. He partners with founders and leadership teams of organizations experiencing hyper-growth on how to scale, lead, and build amazing cultures.

Tamar Elkeles

Tamar is an experienced Chief Learning Officer (CLO), Human Resources Executive and thought leader in the talent, learning and development field. She has expertise managing global growth and leading international teams.

Neil Frye

Neil is the Global Head of Recruitment, Operations & Technology at Dropbox; helping to lead teams developing and executing amazing People processes for a growing high tech firm that is expanding globally.

Sue Olson

Humanity is at the heart of everything Sue Olson does. As the Vice President of People at Course Hero, Sue concentrates on talent acquisition, development, engagement, and retention of employees.

Kelly Palmer

Kelly Palmer is on a mission to change the way the world learns. A well-known thought leader on learning, business, and career development, she is currently on the executive team of Degreed and was formerly the chief learning officer of LinkedIn.

What is the agenda?

April 8th, 2019

12:00 Executive Briefing Lunch – MEMBERS ONLY
3:00 GSV Programming
7:00 Executive Dinner – MEMBERS ONLY

April 9th, 2019

 8:00 Executive Briefing Breakfast – MEMBERS ONLY
10:20 GSV Programming
12:00 Lunch at Stage X
1:35 Top trends in TA innovation – Jonathan Kestenbaum
2:30 Startup Expo and Funding Round
4:00 TA Expert Panel
4:45 Winning startups’ deep dive presentations

April 10th, 2019

8:00 GSV Programming

Program Highlight

Startup Expo and Funding Round I & II

Attendees are provided $100,000 in faux currency to invest using TTL’s proprietary NEXTmessage investment app. The two startups that raise the most money will move on to the final round with a deep dive presentation.

Where is it located?


1 Market Pl, San Diego, CA 92101

Where edtech has led to preparing students for the world of work, the realization manifested the world of work needs talent. This event is the nexus of preparing people for work and demand for people. TTL is orchestrating the TA part, come to have your voice heard.

Featured Startups

Alyss Analytics

Video Interviewing

Career Spark

Matching Systems


Skill Assessments


Candidate Relationship Management


Interview Management Tools

College Recruiter

Job Boards


Matching Systems




Job Boards


Employer Reviews


Job Boards