Using Technology to Improve Diversity in the Hiring Process

Diversity and inclusion has become one of the most important strategic priorities for companies around the world. In fact, many firms consider improving the diversity of their workforce so important they voluntarily publish their internal workforce demographics and hiring activity on an annual basis, reporting on the progress (or lack thereof) they’ve made in hitting targets.

In our Playbook, we highlight ways that employers can use technology in their hiring process to improve the diversity of their organizations.

By reading this Playbook, you’ll learn about:

  • The definition of diversity hiring and the business case for investing in improving it
  • The areas in the hiring process that technology can enhance
  • D&I vendor examples, best practices, and considerations to ensure success
  • A Diversity Hiring Maturity Model-a framework that you can use to benchmark your firm’s progress

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This Playbook Features:

D&I Vendor Examples

Diversity Hiring Maturity Model

US Workforce Demographic Data

A Strategic Roadmap for Diverse Hiring

About TTL’s Playbooks

The Talent Tech Labs Playbook Series™ of reports was created to help firms navigate technology solutions in terms of specific business problems that companies are trying to solve. Playbooks are designed for TTL members only; however, during this time we wish to serve as a resource to help you navigate diversity in hiring, so we made this particular playbook available to the public.

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