Talent Tech Labs Welcomes Automated Recruitment Phone Screening Startup, JabaTalks, to Incubator Program

NEW YORK, New York —  [January 30, 2017] —Talent Tech Labs (TTL), incubator and accelerator focused on promoting technological developments in Talent Acquisition, announced today their acceptance of JabaTalks into a six-month program in their incubator. The incubation program provides JabaTalks with full access to TTL’s network, mentors, beta testers, and additional services.

Cofounders, Geoff Harris and Mark Veevers-Carter, worked on both the recruitment and candidate sides, realizing the process wasn’t working for candidates or recruiters. With their combined efforts, Jabatalks came into development April of 2016 to bridge the gap of poor recruitment processes. The goal is to work with TTL’s incubator to refine the functionality of Jabatalks’ core services and widen the sales pipeline.

JabaTalks’ platform integrates resumé review technology with an automated phone screening service. This provides hiring managers with insight to a candidate’s soft skills and experiences at the earliest stage of the hiring process through SMS, email and live chat support. As a result, hiring managers are administered with a comprehensive view of candidates, allowing them to make more effective hiring decisions in less time.

Additionally, JabaTalks strives to grant every candidate with the best opportunity to express themselves beyond their resumé and find full-time employment. This candidate-forward approach creates a more holistic screening process and a stronger, more diverse talent pool.

“One of the most frustrating aspects of the hiring process is that there is very little focus put on the candidate experience ,” said Jonathan Kestenbaum, Executive Director at Talent Tech Labs.

“JabaTalks’ technology augments the candidate experience by allowing a nearly instantaneous connection to the applicant through their automated phone screening system. JabaTalks already has significant client traction and a team with the will to succeed. We are thrilled to be working with JabaTalks in helping them bring their technology to the recruitment community,” Kestenbaum said.

“Our team is thrilled to join the Talent Tech Labs Incubator program and leverage both the in-house expertise of its members and mentors, as well as their extensive network throughout the staffing and corporate Talent Acquisition space,” said JabaTalks Cofounder Mark Veever-Carter.

JabaTalks has a deep focus on creating the best experience for candidates through the recruitment process while simultaneously assisting recruiters gain further analysis on motivators, experience and skills not listed on the resume. JabaTalks provides its services on any device, making the move between mobile and desktop a seamless process, with the ability to receive email alert updates, so recruiters never miss a candidate. Learn more about the JabaTalks advantage by visiting their blog.

About Talent Tech Labs

Located in the heart of Manhattan, TTL engages in investigation, research, validation, and acceleration of talent acquisition technology by fostering and connecting early stage companies with forward thinkers in the industry. Its community of constituents includes talent acquisition executives, startup companies, staffing company leaders, thought leaders, mentors and early stage and strategic investors. Visit the website to learn more.

About JabaTalks

JabaTalks, based in Washington, DC, takes a candidate-first approach to ensure a frictionless candidate experience for qualified applicants. Jabatalks focuses on engaging candidates throughout the entire recruitment process via email, SMS, and live chat support. Interactions made during the process gives interviewers an acute focus on the candidate’s soft skills, motivations, and experiences for a more effective screening process. As a result, JabaTalks is able to provide its clients with the best possible talent pool. Visit the website to learn more.

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