Find Out if the TA Technology You
are Considering is Right for You

It’s difficult quickly locating the right details on TA technologies when trying to make a business decision. Our Provider Resumes give you the information you need and allows you to avoid time-consuming vendor demos.

How You Benefit
from TTL’s
Provider Resumes

TTL’s Provider Resumes are bite-sized reports that demystify individual technology providers by breaking down the most relevant information into an easy-to-read summary.

These Provider Resumes offer:

An high-level overview of the technology provider’s key features and functionality

Detailed information on the provider’s target market and history

A description of how the technology integrates with other tools and solutions


A look at the pricing models and the company’s information including funding

TTL’s highlight notable competitive differentiatiors to help you gain decision-confidence when selecting TA technologies

When to Leverage TTL’s Provider Resumes

TTL’s Research reports are broken down by stage and sub-vertical.
Our Provider Resumes are part of the selection stage.


Select and implement your technology roadmap

These reports are designed to help you:


Understand the key features and differentiators for specific technologies such as pricing models, functionalities, and compatibility with complementary hiring solutions


Identify and short-list the most viable technologies based on your organization’s unique challenges, objectives, budget, team size, and long-term strategy

Gain a Deeper Understanding

Gain a deeper understanding for the evolution of recruitment stacks and how it will impact the recruitment technology that you purchase today