Keep Up with the Latest Trends in Talent
Acquisition and Talent Management

The Talent Acquisition (TA) Pulse Reports™ are designed to help organizations keep their fingers on the pulse of trends and changes in the Talent Acquisition Technology space.

How You Benefit
from TTL’s
Pulse Reports

The research in the Pulse Reports are based on TTL’s industry-wide surveys.

These Pulse Reports offer:


An understanding of pressing talent acquisition organizational challenges

The relevant trends in talent acquisition adoption and strategic priorities

The preferences companies have in the adoption of new TA technology

An illumination of the current and future state of play in TA tech adoption

Information gleaned from TTL surveys focused on both Corporate and Staffing Talent Acquisition

When to Leverage TTL’s Pulse Reports

TTL’s Research reports are broken down by stage and sub-vertical.
Our Pulse Reports are part of the planning stage.

Planning Stage

Start building the blueprint for your talent acquisition technology roadmap.

These reports are designed to help you:


Identify what tools and solutions are commonly used by the industry and for what purposes


Understand how the industry is changing and its impact on existing processes and best practices as they relate to hiring and deploying talent


Learn how technology is transforming antiquated processes and its effect on every stage of the hiring lifecycle