Improve Candidate Experience


The experience candidates receive during the hiring process can mean the difference between winning the best talent or losing them to your competitors. In short, candidates are not happy with companies’ hiring processes. Nearly 60% of job seekers have reported a bad experience. Transparent communication has the potential to change this.

Streamline Candidate Communication with TA Technology

Communication can be automated and seamless with today’s evolving Talent Acquisition Technology. Knowing what tools to choose and how to leverage them can be an onerous process. TTL’s research and advisory services provide insights into how to empower your candidate experience with tools that enhance feedback and communication.

Shifting Candidate Experience to a Millennial-Dominated Audience &
Mobile World

How we market to potential candidates has evolved over the last 50 years. Mobile is the most commonly used device in today’s world. Employers must adapt to this technological change and increase visibility through mobile to stay relevant and nurture interest across the candidate journey. If companies do not offer a mobile experience, they risk losing potential candidates, in particular millennials.


Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) is recruitment marketing software aimed at helping organizations better track, manage, and engage with candidates. TTL’s Candidate Relationship Management Provider Insight Report provides the common functionalities of CRMs, the need for multi-mode communication, and shows how firms can leverage these solutions to their advantage.

Your Candidate Relationship Management Strategy to Create a Positive Experience

There are a handful of tactics you can employ to engender a positive candidate experience from investing in brand-led efforts to demonstrate why they are the best place to work to keeping people engaged throughout the entire process. Technology plays a large role in nurturing, scheduling, and continually updating candidates.


Deployment Platforms offer capabilities such as candidate mobile apps, real-time job acceptance/notification, candidate/client communication and reviews, and geo-tracking. TTL’s report further elaborates on this segment by an in-depth analysis of its key features and functionalities, highlighting trends, and providing best practices.

Empowering Candidate Experience with Artificial Intelligence
and Chatbots

Leveraging artificial intelligence becomes vital to efficiently engage talent without sacrificing quality. AI enables employers to have conversations with every candidate at scale. As applicants get further into the process, chatbots can make communication faster and more efficient than ever as they’re able to answer questions candidates have and lead them through the next steps.