Gain Clarity and Perspective

The talent acquisition technology ecosystem is voluminous and oftentimes confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Our robust HR Research Library offers reports, guidebooks, and quick snapshots designed to cut through the noise of HR technology and help you identify, assess, and select the right technologies to support your staffing and talent acquisition strategies.

By adhering to rigorous research processes, peer review, and ethical standards, we’re delivering market intelligence and industry insights that are unbiased, accurate, and timely. You’ll find a broad array of topics from Artificial Intelligence to Recruitment Marketing to Vendor Management Systems (VMS), and learn how they’re impacting the industry. In addition, you can find reports broken down by adoption stages and sub-verticals.

Planning Stage

Start building the blueprint for your talent acquisition technology roadmap.

These reports are designed to help you:


Identify what tools and solutions are commonly used by the industry and for what purposes


Understand how the industry is changing and its impact on existing processes and best practices as they relate to hiring and deploying talent


Learn how technology is transforming antiquated processes and its effect on every stage of the hiring lifecycle


The Talent Tech Labs Playbooks Series™ of reports was created to help firms navigate technology solutions in terms of the specific business problems that companies are trying to solve. These reports are results- and case-study oriented, with a focus not just on technology, but also the business processes that need to be in place to support success. Stakeholders can use these reports as a literal “playbook” to help make strategic and tactical decisions to drive real business outcomes in their own organizations.

Pulse Reports

The Talent Acquisition Pulse Reports™ are designed to help organizations keep their fingers on the pulse of trends and changes in the Talent Acquisition Technology space. These reports, drawn from an industry-wide survey, will help you understand what are the burning organizational challenges, trends in adoption, strategic priorities, and preferences that companies have adopting new technology. In short, these reports highlight the current state of play and illuminate where TA tech adoption is headed.

Selection Stage

Identify and assess the right technologies for your roadmap

These reports are designed to help you:


Understand the key features and differentiators for specific technologies such as pricing models, functionalities, and compatibility with complementary hiring solutions


Identify and short-list the most viable technologies based on your organization’s unique challenges, objectives, budget, team size, and long-term strategy

Gain a Deeper Understanding

Gain a deeper understanding for the evolution of recruitment stacks and how it will impact the recruitment technology that you purchase today

Provider Resumes

Provider Resumes are designed to give buyers the information they need to quickly determine if a particular technology is worth considering. These bite-sized reports contain key Features and Functionalities, Target Market, Integrations, Pricing Model, Company Information, and TTL Recommendations.

Ecosystem Insights

The Ecosystem Insights™ reports are designed to be a deep and comprehensive guide into specific sub-verticals of the talent acquisition technology ecosystem. These reports define the segment, assess the state of play, describe key features and functionalities of the underlying technology, list key vendors that make up the sub-vertical as well as alternative solutions, highlight trends in the segment, provide market intelligence on the key players, and provide best practices for firms interested in pursuing such solutions. Stakeholders can use these reports to understand the underlying trends and dynamics in a specific segment, what new solutions are coming to market, and how best to leverage the technology.

Optimization Stage

Select and implement your technology roadmap

These reports are designed to help you:


Understand best practices and common pitfalls when it comes to optimization and management of specific talent acquisition tools and solutions


Validate or assuage your concerns so you can confidently make a purchase or move in a different direction


Start thinking about and planning for new technology that will need to be purchased further down the road

Practices Guides

The Talent Tech Labs Practices Guides™ are designed to help firms with operational best practices and decision support related to talent acquisition technology sub-verticals. These reports can be used to plan implementations, avoid potential pitfalls, and to optimize the value from technology solutions that have already been purchased.

Compatibility Maps

The Talent Tech Labs Compatibility Maps™ series of reports were designed to provide in-depth support during the selection and buying process of talent acquisition technology. These reports can help stakeholders understand the key elements to navigate a successful RFP and implementation, and were created with the technical teams that will actually manage an implementation in mind.