Video Interviewing


Do you know which Video Interviewing features enhance your recruiting effectiveness and which detract?  What do you look for in interview question management capabilities for live and asynchronous interview scenarios?  Is it better to expect your Video Interviewing tool to provide collaboration features or integrate with other specialty providers?

Allowing your candidates to differentiate themselves as individuals through Video Interviewing in the pre-screening phase improves candidate satisfaction with their recruiting experience.  Results from live video interviews correspond more closely with hiring quality when a Video Interviewing provider supports interviewers with relevant guidance.

The Video Interviewing Buyer’s Guide walks you through what you can expect of a quality Video Interviewing product that helps you assemble an interviewing process, prepare the interview for a given situation, allow candidates to interview on demand at their leisure, support hiring teams as they interview live, and evaluate the results of interviews.  Use this Buyer’s Guide to help you outline requirements, query providers and hold your chosen provider to a standard of excellence.

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