Matching Systems


Do you know whether your Matching System can do both inclusive and exclusive matching?  What kind of data augmentation and transparency can you expect in your match result data?  How do you recognize whether your Matching System is effective in the matches it produces?

Matching Systems extend your reach so you can reach a greater percentage of talented potential candidates.  They help you save recruiter time by automating the process of qualifying candidates and narrow pipelines. They can also provide supporting evidence for your hiring decisions, allowing you to measure and tune your hiring strategy to achieve year over year improvement.

The Matching Systems Compatibility Map helps you understand how these tools are put together and how you can differentiate between basic and excellent products during the selection process.  Learn how the best of these providers specialize in their functionality, fortify data to maximize its usefulness, adapt to the various use cases in which matching brings value, interpret organic data in meaningful ways, allow you tune your approach and foster results for immediate and long-term improvement.  Use this Compatibility Map to help you outline requirements, query providers and hold your chosen provider to a standard of excellence.

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