Programmatic Advertising


In this report, we provide a comprehensive overview of the Programmatic Advertising landscape. Programmatic Job Advertising solves the problem of determining where companies should advertise their job posts, and to be able to do this at scale. With a programmatic technology in place, companies can automate and manage their job posts across a wide network of boards and publishers, while intelligently allocating recruitment budget to each channel based on data-driven performance analytics.

By reading this report, you will gain:

  • Knowledge on what Programmatic Job Advertising is including their features and functionalities along with common pricing models 
  • Understand the “big picture” overview of the Programmatic Job Advertising space with recent trends and predictions on how the technology is evolving
  • Gain a deeper look at vendor-specific capabilities, experience, integrations, pricing, and differentiators 
  • Access to use cases with vendor recommendations for each scenario 

About Ecosystem Insights Reports: 

Ecosystem Insights Reports defines the segment, assesses the state of play, describes key features and functionalities of the underlying technology, lists key vendors that make up the sub-vertical as well as alternative solutions, highlight trends in the segment, provide market intelligence on the key players, and provide best practices for firms interested in pursuing such solutions.

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