An Examination of RPA & its Significance in Talent Acquisition


In this report, we provide an overview of Recruitment Process Automation (RPA) with special attention to how it’s manifested in the TA tech landscape and how it fits into the TA construct. In the world of Talent Acquisition Technology, we use the term “Recruitment Process Automation”, which refers to automating various tasks in the recruiting process. 

By reading the Recruitment Process Automation Playbook, you’ll gain an understanding of the following:

  • RPA Definitions & Adoption: an overview of robotic process automation, market developments, the state of automation, components and types, and how progressive they are on the innovation continuum.
  • The Automation Tool Landscape: a graphic illustration of the automation landscape and common use cases including TA technology examples.
  • Decision Making & Implementation: provides strategies and actionable advice to leaders for adopting RPA technology and evaluating automation ideas.

About Talent Tech Labs Playbooks Series

The Talent Tech Labs Playbooks Series™ of reports was created to help firms navigate technology solutions in terms of the specific business problems that companies are trying to solve. These reports are results- and case-study oriented, with a focus not just on technology, but also the business processes that need to be in place to support success. Stakeholders can use these reports as a literal “playbook” to help make strategic and tactical decisions to drive real business outcomes in their own organizations.

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