How to Build a Hiring Manager-centric Recruitment Model


Historically, Talent Acquisition was very protective over its tools and processes and, as a result, a disconnect emerged between TA and the hiring manager. Now some enterprises are moving towards a more cross-functional, decentralized recruitment model that puts the hiring manager at the center in order to drive better outcomes. This report shows how to build a hiring manager-centric recruiting process, describes the technologies that are required, and can have the biggest impact, and highlights important considerations throughout the process. 

By reading the How to Build a Hiring Manager-centric Recruitment Model Playbook, you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate people, process, and technology challenges associated with a decentralized recruiting model
  • How to integrate and apply over 20 technology verticals to a hiring manager-centric recruitment model
  • Some of the latest advancements from vendors that address hiring manager pain points

About Talent Tech Labs Playbooks Series

The Talent Tech Labs Playbooks Series™ of reports was created to help firms navigate technology solutions in terms of the specific business problems that companies are trying to solve. These reports are results- and case-study oriented, with a focus not just on technology, but also the business processes that need to be in place to support success. Stakeholders can use these reports as a literal “playbook” to help make strategic and tactical decisions to drive real business outcomes in their own organizations.

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