How to Virtualize Event Recruiting


Event recruiting is one of the most common channels for hiring, whether it be career fairs, campus recruiting, or other specialized events. In the unprecedented time of Covid-19, companies have to rethink the way they host events, attract and engage candidates, as well as accurately represent the company brand with social distancing in mind. 

This report explores the various options for virtualizing recruiting or other employment-related events, weighs the pros and cons, and provides best practices to make your virtual events successful. 

By reading the “How to Virtualize Event Recruiting” Playbook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Drive candidate and employment engagement with different types of virtual events in recruiting and beyond
  • Determine which platforms are best suitable for each type of virtual event
  • Enact strategies for selecting and adopting Virtual Events technology

About Talent Tech Labs Playbooks Series

The Talent Tech Labs Playbooks Series™ of reports was created to help firms navigate technology solutions in terms of the specific business problems that companies are trying to solve. These reports are results- and case-study oriented, with a focus not just on technology, but also the business processes that need to be in place to support success. Stakeholders can use these reports as a literal “playbook” to help make strategic and tactical decisions to drive real business outcomes in their own organizations.

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