Best Practices for Optimizing Your Candidate Relationship Management System (CRM)


This comprehensive guide provides clear and actionable best practices around getting the most value out of a Candidate Relationship Management system (CRM). The report is written with two audiences in mind: 1.) companies that have not yet implemented a CRM (or are about to select a new vendor), and 2.) companies that may already have purchased a CRM, but are not yet using it to its full potential.

Covering everything from creating operational and candidate personas, common report types and data collection, user journeys and data migration, to optimizing your recruitment marketing and establishing the correct roles/team for a successful implementation/post-implementation roll-out, this report covers everything a CRM Project Owner will need to generate the most value from their CRM.

Note, this report is focused on best practices and process, not on vendor selection. For those interested in the CRM vendor landscape and latest trends, please see our 2020 CRM Ecosystem Insight.

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