Job Advertising – 2020 Staffing Technology Use and Satisfaction Survey Results


The 2020 Staffing Technology Use and Satisfaction Survey Series comprises ten different reports, each on a specific area of staffing technology. Each of these ten reports highlights notable findings, trends, vendors, and strategic insights to help guide decision making. This specific report is about Job Advertising and reveals top trends, predictions, market leaders, and client satisfaction.

By reading this report, you will gain:

  • An understanding of the “big picture” overview of the Job Advertising Tools space with recent trends and predictions on how staffing firms’ adoption of the technology is evolving
  • A deeper look at client satisfaction with these systems
  • Access to an exploration of market leaders as well as those with smaller market share but mostly positive client reviews

About Staffing Use and Satisfaction Survey Pulse Reports: 

The Staffing Technology Use and Satisfaction Survey™ Pulse Reports are designed to help staffing companies keep their fingers on the pulse of trends and changes in adoption and satisfaction of recruitment technologies.

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