Request for
(RFI) Documents

How Specific Talent Acquisition Technologies
fits into Recruitment Workflows

Trying to grasp how a particular talent acquisition technology fits into your recruitment workflows? Our Request for Information (RFI) Documents investigates this.

How You Benefit
from TTL’s Request
for Information (RFI) Documents

TTL’s Request for Information (RFI) Document highlights how specific talent acquisition technology fits into recruitment workflows, current technology stacks, and company requirements.

The RFI Documents offer:

An high-level overview of the vendor’s key features and functionality

Detailed information on the provider’s capabilities and history

A look at the level of support a client can expect with a certain vendor

An interactive element where you can add questions relevant to your anticipated use case and organizational context

When to Leverage TTL’s RFIs

TTL’s Research reports are broken down by stage and sub-vertical.
Our RFIs are part of the selection stage.


Select and implement your technology roadmap

These reports are designed to help you:


Understand the key features and differentiators for specific technologies such as pricing models, functionalities, and compatibility with complementary hiring solutions


Identify and short-list the most viable technologies based on your organization’s unique challenges, objectives, budget, team size, and long-term strategy

Gain a Deeper Understanding

Gain a deeper understanding for the evolution of recruitment stacks and how it will impact the recruitment technology that you purchase today