How Leading RPOs are Discovering Top Talent Acquisition Insights and Innovation

Stuck with Your Clients’ Legacy
Talent Acquisition Systems?

We know that more often than not RPOs must do their best to work with their clients’ legacy talent acquisition tech.

One of the many challenges of working within your clients’ systems is they lack the capabilities to track the needed metrics to point to your success. Since clients’ talent acquisition tech stacks are unique, it is also difficult to standardize a tech stack for all your engagements.

Harness the Innovation You Need to Succeed

There is a robust market of talent acquisition tools to enhance outcomes across the Source-to-Hire Recruiting Lifecycle. Innovative RPOs are building and coming equipped with specific tools. RPOs leverage TTL to learn what an ideal talent acquisition tech stack looks like if they had their own choice of starting with a blank slate. TTL unearths the secrets of the talent acquisition technology landscape and the latest TA trends that RPOs need to empower their performance.

find the Answers

Let Talent Tech Help You Unlock the Answers.

For RPOs to differentiate themselves from their competitors, they must be able to know right away what additional systems can enhance the client’s current TA tech stack. TTL empowers RPOs with this knowledge.

Let Talent Tech
Labs Help you

TTL has their fingers on the pulse of emerging TA technology and understands the intricacies of the TA landscape from features and functionality to pricing models.


RPOs partner with TTL to help them better understand their clients’ legacy tech stack and to gain insights into what additional tools must be added to achieve success.

Gain Deep

TTL has deep insights into corporate legacy systems such as ATS, VMS, and HRIS. With TTL, RPOs understand these systems’ core functionalities and compatibility to integrate with additional powerful point solutions.

Learn How
to Scale

RPOs learn how to scale recruitment marketing, sourcing solutions, assessments and pre-sourcing intelligence and integrated reporting through their partnership with TTL.

Add the Tools
You Need

We can help with the business justification for adding new tools to your clients’ current tech stacks— including ROI calculator guides. With the new tools, RPOs can now pinpoint the metrics that matter for renewal or churn.