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We’re thinkers, tinkerers, and innovators, passionate about Talent Acquisition Technology and startup incubator NYC programs. Our focus is investigating, validating, accelerating, early stage companies and connecting them with forward-thinking individuals in the industry.

We offer programs ranging from early stage company incubation through later stage company acceleration and Founder Forums to extend your network. Share our excitement? Let’s work together.

Early Stage Startups

You’ve guided your brain child talent acquisition solution into an exciting new startup business. You’ve launched your initial product idea and now you’re trying to get customers. Now you need to find your product-market fit, so you’re looking for active buyers, beta testers, and introductions to investors.

Later Stage Companies

You’ve staked a foothold in the market and your product is gaining scale, maybe even achieving some notoriety. Perhaps you’re not yet cash-flow positive but you see the path to getting there. If this sounds like you, let’s make things happen.

Corporate Buyers

You’re driving innovation in your Talent Acquisition process, but maybe you can’t possibly have enough time to research and understand every product out there vying for your attention.

Staffing Firm Leaders

Talent Tech Labs is your partner in keeping you not only keep up to date with the latest trends, but helping you determine future directions you can embrace and help you select and implement the best tools to drive your agency’s recruitment operations.

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