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The Talent Technology Pulse Reports™ allow you to keep your fingers on the pulse of trends and changes in the Talent Technology space. These reports, drawn from industry-wide surveys, will help you understand the burning organizational challenges, trends in adoption, strategic priorities, and preferences that companies have when adopting new talent technology. Get these reports to know the current state of play and where talent tech adoption is headed.

This Request for Information (RFI) highlights how specific talent technology fits into recruitment workflows, current technology stacks, and company requirements. The document provides knowledge on vendor’s basic information, capabilities, features and functionalities, and the level of support clients can expect. We have generalized the RFI, and we encourage users to add questions relevant to your anticipated use case and organizational context.

The Ecosystem Insights™ reports are comprehensive guides into specific sub-verticals of the talent technology ecosystem. These reports describe the key features and functionalities of specific technologies, list key vendors in the Talent Technology space, and provide market intelligence on key players. Access these reports to learn what new solutions are coming to market and how to best leverage new technology.

Talent Tech Labs’ Provider Resumes demystify and provide clarity around individual technology providers. These reports are easy-to-read summaries that break down the relevant information about technology providers. With these reports, you’ll learn if the tool you’re considering is right for your industry and hiring needs, while avoiding time-consuming vendor calls and demos.

The Talent Tech Labs Practices Guides™ help firms with operational best practices and decision support related to talent technology. Harness the power of these reports to plan implementations, avoid potential pitfalls, and optimize the value from technology solutions that you already have in place.

The Talent Tech Labs Playbooks Series™ helps firms navigate talent technology solutions to solve specific business problems. These reports are results-and-case-study oriented, with a focus on technology and the business processes that need to be in place to achieve success. Leverage these reports when making strategic and tactical decisions to drive real business outcomes.