• Partner. The Lab partners with startups and existing Talent Acquisition service providers to give them the best start.
  • Advise. We advise Talent Acquisition service providers (both large and small) on product development, sales, and marketing strategy and ultimately how best to get their products in front of end-users.
  • HighLight. We shine a spotlight on those teams and tools that are innovative and should be known by the wider community.
  • Inform. Team members at The Lab diligently track activities of Corporates, Staffing and Solution Providers in the Talent Acquisition Community. Want to understand the market dynamics at work? Want to hone your pricing strategy? Come ask us how we can help.

What is The Lab?

The Lab is the heart of Talent Tech. It’s where our team examines the trends from yesterday, engages with the technology of today, and advises the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The Lab is an integral component in our mission to elevate the state of the art in recruitment technology. We bring together high-growth startups and forward-thinking talent executives (“Lab Rats”) for monthly pitch-style webinars that enable both sides to share, learn, and collaborate.

Let’s Create the Future of TA Together

Unsolicited marketing materials and long-winded sales calls are the norms in the life of a talent executive. You’re told what your problems are, how you should solve them, and why a particular solution is the latest, greatest thing you absolutely need. What’s more frustrating is it’s often coming from people who have never walked a day in your shoes and can’t truly understand the high-level and nitty-gritty challenges of talent acquisition. Wouldn’t it be great to flip the tables and tell them what they’re doing wrong? Now is your chance!

As a TTL Lab Rat, you’ll receive monthly invitations to serve as a panelist for a subset of carefully chosen high-growth technology startups that are hungry for your candid feedback and constructive criticism. These virtual sessions enable you to experience recruitment technology from the inside out on both the business and technical fronts. You’ll learn about their pricing models, features and functionalities, product roadmaps, and deployment strategies — all without the risk of a follow-up call.

Become a Lab Rat

What you can expect:

  • Induction into a closed community of passionate talent professionals who want to be at the forefront of innovation
  • Freedom to choose the technologies you want to donate your time and expertise to
  • Opportunity to freely and openly share your ideas, criticism, and recommendations — knowing your voice will be heard
  • Dive deep into today’s most influential trends
  • Be a key player in elevating the state of the art in recruitment technology