Trends Report:

The Impact of AI Regulations on HR Technology and Employers

Refine your HR efforts to comply with anticipated legislative changes for the use of AI. Our trends report explores AI’s ethical and explainable use across a wide range of HR technology vendors, helping you thrive in an AI-regulated world. In this report, you’ll gain:

  • Insights into the shifting legal landscape and how to best prepare
  • Expert strategies for thriving in an AI-regulated work world
  • An outline of the future from legal & tech professionals, including how it will affect you

Explore the Future of AI Regulations for HR Tech

Arm yourself and your team with cutting-edge legal and tech industry insights to prepare for the upcoming changes in the world of work.

Trends Report Contributors

Stephen C. Dwyer

Senior Vice President and Chief Legal and Operating Officer, American Staffing Association

Craig Leen

Former OFCCP Director

Navrina Singh

Founder and CEO, Credo AI

David Francis

Vice President of Research and Product, Talent Tech Labs

Refine Your HR Efforts to Comply With AI Legislative Changes

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