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The Rise of Talent Intelligence

With the use of multiple talent acquisition tools and the approach of an omnichannel recruiting strategy, today’s recruiting functions are experiencing an overwhelming amount of data from various sources. How are leaders making sense of this data and harness it to empower their talent functions? The answer lies in Talent Intelligence.

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An understanding of what Talent Intelligence means

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How to leverage Talent Intelligence to make better decisions throughout all phases of the hiring process

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How to piece together data from disparate systems and channels and generate an analysis

This Trends Report Features:

An article by CEO and Co-Founder of Hiretual Steven Jiang on how intelligent talent data will innovate recruitment

A case study on how an innovative company transforms talent data into talent intelligence, and AirAsia’s journey in adopting talent intelligence technology

A story of how Beamery a Candidate Relationship Management Solution Transformed their system with talent intelligence capabilities

An article by Somen Mondal, Co-Founder of Ideal highlighting specific use cases for talent intelligence and elucidating on the risk of leaving talent decisions to AI

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Hear detailed success stories from companies who have leveraged talent intelligence and learn how to harness the power of talent intelligence for your own team.

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