The Role of Blockchain in the Future of Work Trends Report

A New Trends Report on how Blockchain will Change Organizational Accountability, Employment, and Hiring

The fundamental economic design of the blockchain completely changes the landscape for how people engage with commercial activities and creates a world where workers are fairly rewarded for what they contribute.

So the future is bright, but how close are we to a world of ultimate work optionality and abundance? How do you educate the market to drive adoption? What can blockchain based solutions actually deliver today?

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In this Trends Report, you’ll gain:


An understanding of the impact of blockchain technology on the traditional “chain in command” structure of companies and the workers that build them

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Case studies and interviews from entrepreneurs and executives innovating in the space of organizational accountability, community ownership, decentralized identity, job application bias, and more

This Trends Report Features:

A conversation with Bryan Peters, cofounder of, on the progressive decentralization of companies, team accountability, and the rise of decentralized autonomous organizations

An interview with John Paller, founder of Opolis, and a deep dive into what gig work looks like in web 3.0.

A staffing executive’s perspective and a contribution from Mark Roberts, CEO of Techserve Alliance, on his industry leading experimentation with decentralized background checks

An article from Dror Gurevich, CEO of Velocity Networks, on the universal database of career records they are building on the blockchain

Get the Scoop From Big Names in the Space

Hear detailed success stories from companies who have leveraged blockchain and learn how to harness the power of blockchain for your own team.

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