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Big Data

When Big Data entered the HR and Recruiting industry, many dismissed it as a passing trend. Whether you blame this judgement on the influx of technology recruiters are facing or the buzzword nature of the Talent Acquisition space, Big Data is proving to be way more than a fad. In fact, a 2017 NewVantage Partners survey found that 85% of leaders say their organizations have started initiatives to create more data-driven cultures and 89% feel technologies like these will impact their companies over the next decade.

Big Data has influenced everything from Machine Learning to Predictive Analytics, and each can have massive benefits to sourcing, attracting and hiring talent better. This trends report, created from the thoughts and insights of experts will delve into some of those practical uses and how they will shake up Talent Acquisition as we know it.

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Topic Highlight: More Than a Trend — Big Data is Poised to Make a Bigger Impact – Jason Ezratty, President of Brightfield Strategies

The previous wave in Talent Acquisition analytics has been about broadening the data set for visualization. Looking forward, the next phase will be focused on gaining depth of understanding. Expect the next generation of data software to enable businesspeople to focus on the business meaning resulting from data and statistics rather than requiring them to be statisticians themselves. In our Topic Highlight, Jason Ezratty, president of Brightfield Strategies will uncover four trends as we await the next wave of data analytics software for Talent Acquisition.

Company Highlight: From Promise to Practice – Ken Clark, CEO of Recruitics

Unfortunately, there’s a big gap for many HR leaders between understanding the “promise” of big data and actually putting it to practice in a meaningful way. Recruitics CEO, Ken Clark, shares their forward-thinking approach to help companies maximize the ROI of their online advertising budget and make great hires through big data. He also outlines which data you should be measuring to avoid information overload and truly see results.

Why Market Analytics Offer Critical Context for Big Data – Ron L. Hetrick, Director of Market Analytics at Allegis Group Services

So much of what we know as big data is internal, and internal data has very little perspective. This is especially true in total talent management, where knowledge of external economic trends is critical. In this piece, the Director of Market Analytics at Allegis Group Services digs into the importance of contextual analysis of big data through a real use-case examples, providing insight into market analytics and how those factors help Talent Acquisition make better decisions.

Predictive Analytics for Hiring: Can Big Data and Machines Predict Successful Hires Better than You? – Barbara Marder, Global Innovation Leader at Mercer

In our dynamically networked world of social media, cloud and crowdsourcing, plus big data, there is exponential growth in the volume and variety of data that companies can rely on to analyze workforce needs and recruit employees. HR leaders must embrace new testing and data strategies as they fast forward through the first quarter of our wired century to fresh horizons of talent assessment, acquisition, development and mobility. This piece on predictive analytics explains how it works as well as some of the hurdles Talent Acquisition professionals must overcome.

Investor Highlight: Data is the New Currency of Recruitment – Brian Pietras, Head of Hays Technology Ventures.

What big data opportunities are most important to startups and investors? Find out the
three enablers that tend to accompany the most interesting data opportunities according to Brian Pietras, Head of Hays Technology Ventures.

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