Candidate Experience – How AI is Transforming the Approach to CX

Report Summary:

Candidate Experience

Today, we are in a market that is undeniably candidate driven and the treatment these individuals receive during the hiring process can mean the difference between snagging up the best talent from competitors or taking a backseat while they get their pick of the brightest and most talented. 82% of hiring managers say they view candidate experience as very or extremely important, yet nearly 60% of job seekers report having a poor candidate experience. Importantly, 80% to 90% of candidates indicate that a positive or negative interview experience can change their mind about a role or a company. As we look forward, continuing to attract the best talent possible through focusing on creating a positive candidate experience is becoming an increasingly important priority for talent acquisition organizations.

Technology Trends

Today’s technology is evolving to support talent acquisition organizations in creating a premium candidate experience. Millennials have surpassed Generation Xers as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, and with 3.6 million executive leaders predicted to retire this year, new opportunities are emerging for a younger workforce to move into these roles. The changing face of today’s workforce requires companies to engage with candidates on the platform they feel most comfortable with, and for many, this is increasingly mobile.

The emergence of companies that provide tools for improved engagement such as text, live chat, and chatbot solutions creates an opportunity to meaningfully and positively impact candidate experience going forward. With 74% of candidates feeling that more communication during the process would dramatically improve their candidate experience, technology can help companies nurture candidates through the funnel. Candidate experience is a place where, with a little insight and some common sense, companies can still differentiate themselves with the right tools and processes.

Report Content

In the full report you will find:

• Candidate Experience Infographic and Statistics

Graph of candidate experience data

• Why Is Candidate Experience So Critical Today? – Erik Kostelnik, Founder and CEO, Text Recruit

In this piece, Erik discusses three key changes that he has seen impacting the candidate experience: the shift to a candidate driven market, the shift to a millennial dominated audience, and the shift to a mobile world. He highlights the importance of crafting a positive candidate experience and explores how to effectively use technology such as text, live chat, and AI to accomplish this goal.

• Structured Interviews Taking the Tedium Out of the Candidate Experience – Laura Mather, Founder and CEO, Talent Sonar

In this piece, Laura discusses the limitations of current interview practices and how those limitations impact the candidate experience. She then provides recommendations for how to more effectively structure interviews, thereby improving the candidate experience and increasing the quality of hires.

• How Johnson & Johnson Built & Measured Candidate Experience – Trevor Higgs, Director of Candidate Experience, Johnson & Johnson

In this piece, Trevor explores the difference between a positive candidate experience and a negative candidate experience. He details the steps Johnson & Johnson took to make the recruiting experience “consumer grade” and how the organization used the Net Promoter Score to track this progress.

• Is Candidate Experience the Next Blue Ocean? – Maren Hogan, Founder and CEO, Red Branch Media

In this piece, Maren outlines commonalities among companies that are well regarded for creating a positive candidate experience. She also discusses how technology is impacting five candidate experience trends: candidate control of the application process, increasing transparency throughout the process, crowdsourcing new jobs, resistance to mobile job applications, and shorter recruiting process timelines.

• What’s in the Cards for Candidate Experience? – Richard Hecker, CEO, Traction + Scale

In this piece, Richard highlights the number one pain point for candidates: lack of response from employers. He also forecasts and analyzes what elements of the recruiting process employers will focus on when looking to improve the candidate experience, including, the future of job sites, candidate built profiles, courses for building key skills, and matching technology.

• Plug and Pray, The New Post and Pray, Is Just as Ineffective – Craig Fisher, Allegis Global Solutions

In this piece, Craig compares the recruiting process of yesterday to the recruiting process of today and tomorrow. He evaluates how automation has commoditized sourcing as a skillset, posits that high tech will never replace high touch, and explores how to balance embracing technology while maintaining high touch elements in the recruiting process.

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