A Comprehensive Outlook on Matching Technology

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Matching Technology

As we have studied the impact of AI on the talent acquisition space, we learned that 73% of TA technology companies are leveraging AI. However, for those leveraging AI, they are primarily using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing and most are not yet applying Deep Learning and Neural Networks. As a result, some of the most interesting applications of AI to talent acquisition technology have been targeting matching, because Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning lend themselves well to matching and prediction.

For the past two decades, much of the technological development in Talent Acquisition has focused on process improvement, speed, and efficiency, but now it is time for TA technology to focus on results. A business function that has focused so much on the efficiency of the process is now in need of placing the right people in the right roles. Additionally, because job seekers have vast amounts of information and data ready to be scraped and employers have a need to connect the dots between this intel and open roles they need filled, Matching Technology is set to be the hot technology of 2018.

Report Content

The Case for Matching Technology: How Success-Based Matching Takes the Guessing out of Building High Performing Teams – Jamie Schneiderman, CEO & Fonder, Career Spark

In this piece, Jamie Schneiderman shares that 70% of people are in the wrong jobs and that the cost of a bad hire is at least 30% employee’s first year earnings. He proposes that success-based matching technology could be a solution to this challenge and details what success-based matching really is, how to use organizational data effectively, and what the impact of this will mean for talent acquisition.

Matching Technology: Now to Next – Vinay Johar, CEO, RChilli

In this piece, Vinay Johar covers the facets behind Machine Learning from the early 1980s and explains how technology has evolved to provide matching algorithms today. He also explains modern challenges, such as the implications brought on from variances in job titles across different countries.

Candidate Matching Algorithms Explained: How LinkedIn Matches Job Seekers with Employers and Vice Versa – Sankar Venkatraman, Global Product Evangelist for LinkedIn Talent Solutions

In this piece, Sankar Venkataraman shares an inside look at how Matching Technology works when matching algorithms are dissected. Venkataraman walks us through each step of the candidate Matching Technology behind LinkedIn Recruiter, which captures and translates data from member profiles, connections, interactions and content consumed to predict how likely a candidate will respond to their open role. In addition, LinkedIn’s candidate facing product helps job seekers find roles best suited for them. This complete rundown from Venkatraman brings clarity to how today’s matching algorithms truly work behind the scenes.

The Industry Pushback on Matching Technology & How It’s Shaping the Future of AI in Talent Acquisition – Andreea Wade, CEO and Co-Founder of Opening.IO

Matching Technology wasn’t always welcomed by the Talent Acquisition industry, and Andreea Wade, CEO and Co-Founder of Opening.io, a candidate matching platform, explains the many challenges innovators faced in building Matching Technology. From its purpose, to how it’s projected to change the way we view Artificial Intelligence (supporting our work, not replacing our work), Andreea provides deep insight into where Matching Technology is heading.

Matching Technology: A Solution to Gain Candidate Intel by Asking Less – Hailey Herleman, PhD, Portfolio Executive, Talent Acquisition Optimization, IBM

In this piece, Hailey Herleman gives a first-hand explanation of IBM’s Watson, how matching technology is being applied with Watson, and how its set to evolve in the coming years. Additionally, she covers a number of the challenges inherent in matching technology, and provides suggestions for how to mitigate these challenges.

Investor Highlight: An Evaluation of the Current Matching Technology Market – Trevor Vas, CEO and Principal Consultant

In this piece, Trevor Vas shares his insights on the current market of Matching Technology. He covers what portions of the recruiting process this technology will have the largest impact on, the top candidate matching vendors on the market, and finally what Talent Acquisition buyers should look for in a solution.

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