The Past Present and Future State of Assessment Technology

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Assessment Technology

Using assessments as Talent Acquisition tools is not a new practice, nor an unpopular one, but the advancements we have seen in the space over the last several years are notable. Technology has both increased assessment accuracy and capitalized on gamification to enable a better candidate experience throughout the assessment process. More than ever before, such advancements of assessment capabilities enable companies to get an accurate picture of both cultural fit and skillset fit with a company. No longer are TA professionals denying the importance of candidate experience, but neither are they backing down when it comes to finding the right fit in a hire. Establishing the right balance with both in hiring processes is a challenge, but one in which HR and Talent Acquisition have taken on with grace and persistence.

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We begin this report with an overview of the various types of Assessment Technologies and how each can better lead to better informed hiring decisions. We’ll then turn to experts in each vertical to better understand their merit.

Skills Based Candidate Assessments Standardize Technical Recruiting & Accelerate Job Matching – Vivek Ravisankar, CEO & Co-Founder, HackerRank

Vivek discusses how Skills-Based Assessments are completely changing the tech recruiting game. No longer will Applicant Tracking Systems call the shots when it comes to choosing suitable talent. In fact, with Skills-Based Assessments, candidates are chosen based on the experience and knowledge they can offer the company. How are these Assessments administered? What are the tools that increase hiring accuracy? Do candidates appreciate the change or loathe the new process?

Plum: Behavioral Assessments – Caitlin MacGregor, CEO of Plum

With cultural fit being imperative to successful hires, elements of behavior and personal values cannot be overlooked. Unfortunately, traditional tools focus too much on fitting the complex makeup of a person to rigid definitions of personality. Technology like Plum challenges that framework, incorporating the full spectrum of behavior and intelligence to their pre-employment assessment.

GapJumpers: How Simulation Assessments Helped Return Path Meet Its Recruitment Goals Faster – Kedar Iyer, CEO & Co-Founder of GapJumpers

Often striving to find the right fit leads to problems in inclusion and diversity hiring. The team behind GapJumpers knew how important it was to break free of inherent bias while confidently placing those who can do the job. Their Simulation-Based Assessment tool directly assesses a candidate’s ability to perform, regardless of preconceived notions.

Arctic Shores: Are Candidate Assessments Working? – Robert Newry, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Arctic Shores

Implementing Assessments into your recruitment tech mix can mean a lengthier hiring process and more chance to hurt the candidate experience. Arctic Shores understands the importance of easing candidates into and through Assessments, so they created a tool that implements Game-based Assessments to appeal to candidates while delivering useful data to employers.

Assessment: New Techniques in Hiring Assessment – Finn Hill, Business Analyst at the Great Rok

After a relative dearth of innovation in how candidates are assessed over the past 10 years, Finn Hill looks at the influx of new ideas and trends in the assessment space. He explores behavioral testing and the concern about biases inherent in these tests along with the gamification trend within assessments. Looking to the future, Finn considers how natural language processing and voice recognition will impact the space, while also highlighting concerns and limitations within the assessment technologies space.

Personnel Assessments: Out with the Old, In with the New – Christopher Camacho, Ph.D., Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Assessment Innovation

Christopher Camacho, expert on Assessment Innovations, gives us a glimpse at the future of this tool and what’s next for Talent Acquisition Assessment Technology. He compares old science and technological solutions with newer science and technology, and outlines how assessment technology has and will continue to be impacted.

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