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Vendor Management Systems and Freelance Management Systems
In a frictionless world where labor, information and money can move easily, cheaply and almost instantly, today’s businesses are beginning to re-think their workforces and their operating models. As businesses continue to invest in non-traditional labor, they are facing the relatively newer challenge of managing hundreds and thousands of independent professionals. Historically, traditional Human Capital Management software and Vendor Management software solutions have not been equipped to address the nuances of contract work, which led to a newer wave of enterprise software: Freelance Management Systems.
The advent of the Vendor Management System was at one time a disruptive entrant into the contingent markets. Today, however, they will need to adapt to the new age players such as e-Staffing services, temp labor marketplaces and freelance management systems.

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Millennials Are Shaping the Future of Work – Rob Biederman, Founder, Catalant
Rob Biederman from Catalant (formerly Hourly Nerd) tackles the very real need for enterprises to get on board with weaving the freelance, contingent, and Millennial worker, into their overall vendor managed and managed services strategies.

The On-Demand Economy & the 21st Century Enterprise – Jeff Wald, Co-Founder and President, Work Market
In this piece, Jeff Wald explores how the state of the labor market is evolving and how FMS software has emerged to support such a labor market. He evaluates the current capabilities of this software vertical, demonstrates the types of questions FMS solutions help you solve, and discusses how FMS fits into the broader VMS and ERP ecosystems.

How VMS are Reacting to the Evolving Freelancer Marketplace – Brian Belle Donne, President, Talent Tech Labs
Brian Belle Donne explores the shift in today’s workforce toward the freelance economy and in what parts of the economy this trend is most prevalent. He explores adaptability as being a key component to what will enable FMS solutions to succeed in integrating with VMS and MSP systems and the pace at which all of these systems will begin to converge.

AI and Its Role in the Future of Recruitment – Joshua Karam, Co-Founder of Hyr
In this piece Josh Karam gives us a peek at how Hyr is using AI to transform the recruiting admin tasks of matching hourly workers to skilled positions. Hyr’s AI system recognizes intent on the part of both parties in its marketplace and connects them to fill hourly paid shift work, on-demand.

The Future of the HR Tech Value Chain – Paul Jacquin, Managing Partner, Randstad Innovation Fund
Paul Jacquin reflects on the activity and new initiatives seen in the HR space in the last two years and focuses specifically on the importance of targeting the right candidate profiles and successfully recruiting that talent on board as well as the interplay between VMS and FMS.

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