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Talent Tech Labs is an innovation hub entirely focused on emerging technologies and trends in the Talent Acquisition Technology space. Our work is focused on improving the state of the art in recruitment. Our domain is best characterized by our own Ecosystem taxonomy. We support buyers, builders, and investors in the TA space by providing insights, market intelligence, and identifying trends that affect the evolution of recruitment.

Exclusive to our tech investor network, Talent Tech NOW delivers insightful, curated company presentations. You will discover brand-new, fully-vetted companies which have traction in the market. Additionally, you will learn about the trends that we are seeing in the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem which you can use to inform your investment decisions.

  • Learn about trends and developments in the Talent Acquisition Technology space and specific niches within the Ecosystem such as AI-powered Matching Systems, cutting-edge Assessment technology and new Temporary Labor Marketplaces.
  • Hear from 6 investment-ready, and fully-validated Talent Acquisition Technology companies.
  • Expand your network by engaging with passionate Talent Acquisition founders and technology investors.

Pitching Companies

Talentegy Logo

Talentegy is a talent engagement and analytics platform, enhanced by AI, that optimizes candidate and employee experience. Leveraging a company’s existing HR technology stack, Talentegy monitors user interactions and provides tools to maximize team collaboration. Built by industry veterans, Talentegy is revenue generating and ready to scale.

ROIKOI delivers employee referral software that works — 80% of employees engage, and the resulting hires are diverse. ROIKOI does this by generating a private database of passive referrals for each of its customers. Automated outreach to 20 ROIKOI candidates yields 7 interviews and 1 hire with an average retention of 2 years. In their most recent case study, 69% of ROIKOI candidates were female and 77% non-white.

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StartMonday is a publicly listed company in Amsterdam, with their primary business being an ATS focused on Retail and Hospitality. StartMonday has recently created CareerChain to help get all employees resumes verified on the blockchain.

By profiling your top employees, Career Spark creates success profiles which are used to compare and benchmark incoming candidates against. Using insights from the platform and optimising the system through machine learning, Career Spark will close the loop to create the best success profile possible. This is success-based matching.


StellarEmploy is a SaaS tool for recruiting hourly workers. StellarEmploy enables companies with large workforces, like call centers, to hire agents who will become top performers. StellarEmploy’s talent acquisition platform uses custom algorithms to predict hiring outcomes. They have decreased turnover by 30%, increased revenue per employee by 10% and saved businesses millions in labor costs.

Talenytics is the first recruitment and collaboration platform that specializes in quality of hire and helps companies hire and keep high-quality candidates. Talenytics put collaboration between Recruiters and Hiring Managers at the heart of the process, improving efficiency and ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout. It is clear that the recruitment process isn’t over once the candidate signs the contract, which is why Talenytics tracks feedback and the candidate’s progress up to a year after the hire is made.


Brian Delle Donne

Talent Tech Labs

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Brian has been a leading force in driving innovation through his career in operating roles in industry. After serving as Chief Operating Officer at both large public and privately held staffing and project engineering firms he has amassed a wealth of insight into effectively applying innovation. At Talent Tech Labs, Brian and the TTL team have been identifying and then assisting emerging companies with breakthrough ideas to gain commercialization and scale. Brian has guided Talent Tech Labs to being not only a unique accelerator but has elevated it to be the leading authority on emerging technology addressing Talent Acquisition.

Jonathan Kestenbaum

Managing Director
Talent Tech Labs

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Jonathan Kestenbaum is the Managing Director of Talent Tech Labs. He is a lawyer by education, and an entrepreneur and investor by trade. Jonathan is passionate about being on the cutting edge of innovation and capitalizing on industry trends. He currently spends his days managing TTL’s innovation lab and advising the recruitment technology companies of tomorrow. Jonathan can be found at HR technology conferences all over the country as a sought-after speaker and panelist sharing deep insights into the evolution of the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem.

Schedule At A Glance

9:00 AM Breakfast – Coffee

9:30 AM Introductory Remarks – Brian Delle Donne

9:40 AM Introductory Remarks and Running Order – Jonathan Kestenbaum


10:00 AM Competitive landscape: Analytics/CRM

10:05 AM Talentegy

10:15 AM Q&A


10:25 AM Competitive Landscape: Referals & Recommendations


10:40 AM Q&A


10:50 AM Competitive Landscape: ATS/Blockchain Verification

10:55 AM StartMonday

11:05 AM Q&A


11:15 AM Competitive Landscape: Success Based Matching Systems

11:20 AM Career Spark

11:30 AM Q&A


11:40 AM Competitive Landscape: Temporary Labour Marketplaces

11:45 AM StellarEmploy

11:55 AM Q&A


12:05 PM Competitive Landscape: Analytics

12:10 PM Talenytics

12:20 PM Q&A

12:30 PM Closing Remarks – Talent Tech Labs


12:40 PM – 1:30 PM Lunch and Networking

Venue Information

Rise NYC

43 W 23rd Street, 2nd Floor, NY 10010

Located in Flatiron, the hub of New York’s startup scene, Rise is perfectly situated among the city’s top entrepreneurs and high-profile, Fortune 500 companies. Rise offers first-class facilities from its 100-seat auditorium and suite of meeting rooms, to video and podcast recording facilities.