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What We Do

Talent Tech Labs is a research and advisory firm specializing in analyzing talent technologies that solve the business and recruiting challenges of Talent Acquisition and HR.

Through our research and advisory services, we help leading corporations and staffing firms with:

  • 1

    Stay ahead of the curve

    Understand where the market is going.

  • 2

    Clear the Noise

    Select the right technology.

  • 3

    Leverage best practices

    Implement the technology quickly and effectively.

  • 4

    Increase Efficiency

    Get the most out of the tools you own.

Who We Serve

Talent Tech Labs fosters a thinking partnership with top staffing firms, fortune 500 companies, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing firms.

We are a true partner in innovation that helps these companies and providers navigate the recruitment and HR technology ecosystem. Ultimately, we save our partners time and money when achieving the ideal talent acquisition tech stack.

Talent Tech Labs is the Library of Congress for TA platforms, so they’re uniquely positioned to quickly make recommendations on the best fit tech for my company or my clients. This saves me a ton of time in research, and more importantly, saves me from having to sit through endless sales demos.

Director of Talent Attraction

The partnership with TTL has been fantastic! What they have been driving from both an analyst perspective across TA technology and peer collaboration, by directly connecting us with other TA members, has been equally valuable in our partnership.

Managing Director and Head of Talent Acquisition
North America, BMO

Our TTL Membership

  1. Market Intelligence Upon becoming a TTL member, you’ll have access to an extensive library of proprietary research to keep you up-to-date on TA tech & trends.
  2. Decision Support Subject matter experts help across the decision-making process when undergoing or optimizing your TA and HR technology stack.
  3. Collaboration As a TTL member, you’ll have a 24/7 communication portal to speak with our experts. You’ll also receive exclusive invites to Executive Retreats, Workgroups, and Trend Talks, alongside leading corporate talent executives and staffing leaders.

Our Mission

Talent Tech Labs is on a mission to elevate the state of the art in recruitment technology.

TTL is the only research and advisory firm solely committed to fostering innovation, diversity, passion, and opportunity through elevating the state of the art recruitment and HR technology. During these unprecedented times, we have renewed trust in a better, brighter future for all.


Industry Experts:

TTL has vetted and cataloged thousands of technologies. Having worked with dozens of organizations (corporates & staffing), TTL has analyzed dozens of tech stacks on a wide variety of best practices.

Unbiased Insights:

TTL does not receive commissions or other forms of vendor funding in the preparation of its research. TTL is 100% independent, which means the market intelligence that is provided is transparent, unbiased, and actionable.


Because of TTL’s boutique approach to research delivery, there is a very quick turnaround time between the initial engagement and delivered value.

Client-First Focus:

TTL deeply understands which vendors meet your specific requirements helping you focus on recruitment while having peace of mind that innovative technologies won’t slip past you.