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How & Who We Help

Corporate Technology Advisory

Talent Tech Labs Partners with Corporations for TA Success

You’ll receive all the benefits of our undivided and exclusive focus on TA tech, and the deep insights we’ve developed over years of vetting emerging solutions. The lense we work through is how these technologies practically solve actual recruitment challenges. We’re ideally suited to help you navigate both tested products and those new to the market. Gain access to a host of specialized services:

  • Proprietary research only available through membership
  • Vendor snapshots to help decide if a tool or platform is right for you
  • Talent Acquisition Technology Blueprint
  • Exclusive collaborative networking opportunities with other TA Leaders
  • And much more

Staffing Technology Advisory

Talent Tech Labs Helps Staffing Firms Get the Edge They Need

Staffing firms have specialized needs and we understand how important it is for you to find the right tools at the right price. We’ve helped guide staffing firms through the process of selecting the vendors providing additional value to your clients and becoming a true partner in innovation. Staffing Technology Advisory services provided:

  • Proprietary research available only to members
  • Early access to vetted influential startups
  • Talent Acquisition Technology Blueprint
  • Quarterly educational webinars on new additive technology and disruptors to traditional staffing delivery
  • Recurring demo days to test new technology
  • And much more

When We Help

Cycle of Innovation

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The Cycle of Innovation

Every company is in a specific place in the Talent Acquisition Technology journey. Some have it all figured out and need a partner to implement and support their initiatives and some are trying to navigate the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem and select the tools their company needs themselves. Where are you?



You are focused on filling all the open jobs and not focused on how Technology can help make your work more efficient. You are not aware of emerging technology. When you do become aware, you move to a Reactive phase.


You have a fear of missing out and are opportunistically trying and buying new technology. Shiny objects abound. Unfortunately, this tends to be a very expensive way to operate.


You are starting a selection process. If you are well-informed you will have a better understanding of the challenge you’re solving for and all the options available. If you got here Reactively you may not have all the choices clearly defined.


You are in the process of implementing new technology and are focused on project completion. Still a really good time to be aware of what’s coming next so you can avoid falling behind.

Steady State

You have launched your new technology solution, working on scaling adoption. But new requirements and new challenges and opportunities are just ahead. How do you stay Aware?

Where are you in the cycle?

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