Our History

Started as an Incubator Lab

Talent Tech Labs began in 2014 as an incubator for talent acquisition technology startups.

Began Investigating Emerging Technologies

TTL investigates emerging technologies, works directly with startup founders, and helps those with novel and influential solutions to accelerate their market acceptance.

Focused on Talent Acquisition Technologies

Our exclusive focus on talent acquisition technologies set us apart and allows us to go deep.

Evaluated and Demoed Over 1,500 Talent Acquisition Technology Startups

Since its inception, Talent Tech Labs has evaluated, demoed, and cataloged information on over 1,500 Talent Acquisition Startups

Published Trends Reports

As a result of this deep knowledge, TTL publishes regular Trends Reports and prepares high-level analyses for users and investors in Talent Acquisition Technology.

Became a Thought Leader in the Technology Space

Today, TTL is a sought-after thought leader with opinions and evaluations that are valued by buyers and builders of technology in the space, as well as investors who fund future developments in the field.

Our Mission

Elevate the state of the art in recruitment technology and bring innovation to the world of Talent Acquisition Software.

Our Promise

Alleviate specific pain points of your company through a robust set of thinking partnerships.

Our Essence

We provide support, research, and space to grow new ideas designed to tackle the unique challenges present in the Talent Acquisition space.

Our Vision

To be the most sought-after authority in emerging talent acquisition technology.

Backed by Giants

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