Unlock the Power of Exclusive Community

The Peer Network of the World’s Most Progressive TA Leaders

No need to ever go it alone.

There’s more power in pushing the envelope with the advice of peers at your disposal. Collectively; help shape the future of TA Tech so it can serve your needs.

  • Cross-Industry Round Table Gatherings
  • Online Collaboration Portal
  • Exclusive Events in Cool Locations
  • Interactive Demo Day Events
  • Hand-picked Mentor/Mentee Opportunities

Digital Collaboration Lab

Get the advice, collaboration and support you need, whether your network is right across the table or across the globe. Whether you need an immediate sounding board or great advice quickly from someone who walks in your shoes every day, the Digital Collaboration Lab was built for you.

Use the Digital CoLab to:

  • Ask questions and get answers in real-time
  • Pitch a new idea or process for feedback
  • Set meetups with TA Pros in your city or a city you’re visiting
  • Get objective user feedback on technology
  • Build deeper relationships with your network

Interactive Demo Days

Join a truly unique interactive event and experience world-class products and services that could take your Talent Acquisition to the next level.

Designed to bring emerging technologies, investors, and TA leaders and executives together to elevate the thinking of each, our Interactive Demo Days give you the opportunity to:

  • Talk to investors and founders regarding what’s next in TA
  • Build relationships with new product teams and give input on new platforms
  • Test new technologies before they hit the market
  • Figure out pricing models and functionality without the formality of a long sales process
  • Network with industry innovators and forward thinkers

Joining a TTL event means an opportunity to engage in discussions and presentations that will challenge your thinking and help you take TA to the next level.