The Best Insights Come
from Real Life Experiences

Collaboration is critical for the success of any business and it’s equally important for our members. By interacting and sharing ideas in human resources networking groups, you get the opportunity to learn how others think, negotiate, and operate when it comes to talent acquisition and staffing. Enabling you to gain new perspective and refine your own decision-making process.

Special Topic Workgroups

New! Introducing TTL Workgroups. TTL Workgroups are virtual roundtables among TA and Staffing Leaders hosted monthly around specific topics. Typically reserved for members only, we are opening our first workgroup up free to the public. Our first topic will be around Talent Acquisition during COVID-19.

Collaboration Lab

Get the advice and support you need–in real time, regardless of geographic boundaries.


Executive Forums

Twice a year our members converge in a major city for two-days of team building, learning, and peer support. If you’re interested in hosting a future Executive Forum, we’d love to hear from you!

TTL Growth Lab

We bring together high-growth technology startups, investors, and talent executives for quarterly pitch-style webinars. These curated sessions aim to foster two-way communication between providers and buyers, allowing both sides to learn, share, and connect–without the sales pitch.