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Mastering Remote Work Management

With around two-thirds of the world’s workforce sheltering in place due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, companies have had to adjust in a matter of weeks to a model that has taken many years to implement fully. Our latest Trends Report “Mastering Remote Work Management” suggests that for most companies, the remote work experiment has been going better than expected.

In this Trends Report you’ll learn how industry experts have:

  • Navigated remote work challenges
  • Strengthened employee engagement and work culture virtually
  • Successfully implemented systems and technology required for remote work

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Hear detailed success stories from companies who’ve fine-tuned their remote work management strategies and learn how to replicate them for your own team.

This Trends Report Features:

Insights from the former CEO of Upwork, the world’s largest remote worker marketplace.

A case study on how The Plan Group maintained a healthy culture by using a distributed work model.

An article from David Heinermeier Hansson author of “Remote: Office Not Required.”

Details on how TA Technology will evolve as a result of this pandemic.

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